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The Asumen Pre-emptive Initiative

Posted by C. Stan Asumen, Jr on August 5, 2015 at 11:20 PM

Controlling the Southern Border


War is . . . nothing but the continuation of state policy with other means. The political object is the goal, war is the means of reaching it, and the means can never be considered in isolation from their purposes.

~~Carl von Clausewitz


Momentous wars ~> good, bad, indifferent, or otherwise ~> since time immemorial have been started with the flimsiest of pretexts and were always justified ultimately by the outcome. History always belongs to those who are able to chronicle, sustain, and perpetuate the narrative.

In the most urgent case of the United States going to war with Mexico, we don’t need an abacus to count the almost innumerable ways. Mexicans come to this country deliberately evading laws governing cross-border travel. They make a virtue of flaunting the fact that they are in the United States resultant to their flouting our extant immigration laws.

They stay in this country taking every opportunity to show their disrespect of traditional values inherent to the American national identity. There is no need for any counting at all. Besides, what warm red blooded American would, with clear conscience, dare forget The Alamo?

It is very much common knowledge that the national Mexican mindset is addicted to assign blame to the United States for what Mexico has ignored for generations, namely, her failure to provide the infrastructure that would foster the flourishing of a prosperous democratic society. The Mexicans have for so long perpetrated the lie on themselves they have embraced it as nationalism’s gospel, canonized in the self-serving axiomatic lament: ~>

“Pobre México. Tan lejos de Dios, tan circa de los Estados Unidos," which translates into English, "Poor Mexico. As distant from God, as she is close to the United States."

~~ Richard R. Fagen, (Foreign Affairs, July 1977)

For all practical purposes, they do not subscribe to Shakespeare’s counter admonition, namely,

Men at some time are masters of their fates:

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,

But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

~~William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Any and all neighbors who are wont to blame you for their own misfortune need to be taught a lesson on neighborly decorum. Otherwise, they gloat over their perceived power over you and make it their mission to perpetuate the situation ad nauseam. Worse, you become a conspirator to fostering their own demise. It is therefore incumbent on America to put an end to all of Mexico’s, especially the Mexican government’s shenanigans.

But make no mistake about it ~> as long as the Blame America First (BAF) crowd as exemplified by the Obama Regime cohorts roam the corridors of power, America does not have the ghost of a chance to prevail over adversity of any kind. By their very nature, BAF-steers are notorious prime apologists and scapegoat enablers for America’s egregious enemies. As one cognoscente aptly and succinctly observed:

Obama made a conscious decision to, in effect, dissolve the southern border, and, quite reasonably enough, the "unaccompanied minors" of Latin America opted to take him at his word. ~~Mark Steyn Challenges of Diversity

When the summer season simmers into a full-throttle sizzle, we can expect, like in recent summers past, the influx of unaccompanied undocumented underage immigrants to emerge from the underbrush of obscurity, like cockroaches in a greasy Manhattan kitchen table, into the limelight of national attention. Some recent reports of American Border Helicopter Patrol being fired on from the Mexican side of the border were mere samples of the tumult and turmoil the Democrats are scheming, to maintain the reliable flow of a perennial supply of low-information voters.

Consider it the Democratic Party’s strategic approach to perpetuate the damning down of both the milieu and fabric of the American body politic. The institutionalization of political myopia vouchsafes the Democrats’ claims on the Oval Office for what they envision to be an extended period to linger.

Does Mexico believe that the massive influxes will serve to render U.S. immigration law meaningless, and thereby completely shred an already porous border?

~~Victor Davis Hanson (10-Jul-2014), The Moral Crisis on Our Southern Border

It matters little what Mexico believes. It matters much more what Mexico does, had been doing in the recent past and will continue to perpetuate in the foreseeable future unless forced to stop by a United States government committed to foster, protect, and defend our national sovereignty.

The Responsibility to Protect", the idea that sovereign states have a responsibility to protect their own citizens from avoidable catastrophe – from mass murder and rape, from starvation – but that when they are unwilling or unable to do so, that responsibility must be borne by the broader community of states.



The action required by R2P [Responsibility to Protect] is overwhelmingly, preventive: building state capacity, remedying grievances and ensuring the rule of law. But if prevention fails, R2P requires whatever measures — economic, political, diplomatic, legal, security, or in the last resort military — become necessary to stop mass atrocity crimes occurring.


We must be able to show that some wrong has been committed by one nation [i.e., Mexico] for which war is the proper redress by another [i.e., the United States]. Unprovoked aggression, such as an invasion, fits clearly within the criteria of a Just Cause. Few would deny a nation the right to defend itself against unprovoked attack. 


Is Mexico a friend? Deliberately encouraging about a million of its own citizens each year to break the law and try to enter the U.S. illegally and facilitating the transit across its territory of thousands of Central Americans to swarm and overwhelm the U.S. border seem hardly amicable acts. In truth, Mexico invades a country with far greater numbers and with far more finesse than does Putin’s Russia


I have this capital idea to effectively control the Southern Border once and for all. This is as foolproof as it is compassionate. It is an outside the box, thinking on your feet approach to border control. See the link to the map for reference  As a preventive measure, we have to implement forthwith “The Pre-emptive Asumen Initiative,” a.k.a. the Asumen Compassionate Immigration Compromise.

Since Mexico has abundantly proved that she is anyone but a neighbor who can be trusted, we have to control her southern border for her. Boycotting Mexico would not do them or us any good. Make war with Mexico and teach them a lesson. That can only be done by invading, conquering, occupying and annexing Mexico.

If we were willing and able to do this with Iraq, half a globe away, we should be able to do it with Mexico which is only on the other side of a porous fence. To fix this problem the U.S.-Mexican border should be relocated to south of Oaxaca where it borders with Chiapas and Tabasco (see map for details).  From Oaxaca to the north should all be U.S. territory. Anybody who does not want to join the U.S. should be sent off to south of this new border.


The new border being much shorter than the current one, it should be much easier to guard. And everybody shall live happily ever after.  We can therefore exuberantly celebrate with the sages of yore ~>


Yet Reason frowns on War's unequal Game,

Where wasted Nations raise a single Name,

And mortgag'd States their Grandsires Wreaths regret

From Age to Age in everlasting Debt;

Wreaths which at last the dear-bought Right convey

To rust on Medals, or on Stones decay.

~Samuel Johnson, Vanity of Human Wishes


I am positive it will be denounced by the Blame America First horde, starting with leading personages of the Obama Regime and the rest of the United Nations types crowd.   But to paraphrase the late Sen. Barry Goldwater,

Extremism in the defense of sovereignty [liberty] is no vice.

And moderation in the pursuit of security [justice] is no virtue.




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Reply C. Stan Asumen, Jr
12:46 AM on August 6, 2015 
2MegynKelly 4GoPPresidentialDebate
Suggested Question
What political measure you can conceivably implement in the first thousand days of your administration that could render policing the U.S.-Mexican border more of a practicable proposition than has been demonstrated over the last forty years, under both Republican and Democratic administrations?
Reply C. Stan Asumen, Jr
8:21 AM on August 6, 2015 
2Posterity 4AsumenCompassionateCompromise
The main strategic goal is moving the U.S.-Mexico border to south of the Tropic of Cancer, but leaving enough territory for those disgruntled Mexican who don?t want to be part of the United States. This precludes annexing the entire country. Taking the narrowest part of the isthmus as the new border is a matter of practical logistics.